"Precise, yet fluid, funky grooves ... a tightly locked momentum compelled by one tiny, yet mighty, drum" [A View From Below]
— Downbeat - 4 star review

"The creative freedom this trio displays while shifting between jazz and Brazilian music is amazing" [A View From Below]
— Folha de São Paulo

"Mr. Feiner treats the pandeiro as an expressive jazz instrument..."
— Nate Chinen, The New York Times

"One of the best CDs of the year..." [Dois Mundos]
— Playboy Brazil

"Just when you thought that there was very little someone could introduce to the world of jazz, here comes this New York-born musician with a pandeiro in his hand to prove otherwise ... Pandeiro Jazz is an innovation which deserves a wider audience." 
— All About Jazz - New York

“Finally! The recording [Pandeiro Jazz] and step forward that will allow the pandeiro to have a predominant role alongside harmonic and melodic instruments ... a landmark for others to follow.” 
— Percussioni

"Feiner put into practice that classic idea that simplicity can be beautiful..."
— Jazz+

"A bright light illuminating the path between Brazilian music and jazz..."
— Jornal do Brasil

"The pandeiro gets a new accent"
— O Globo

"... an unforced hybrid ... Feiner gets to the heart of his in-betweenness, blending the sonic worlds of New York and Rio in an instant. [Dois Mundos]" 
— David Adler, All About Jazz – New York

“Feiner couldn’t have made better picks, as the quartet is fully in sync from the get-go” [Accents]. 
— JazzTimes

Words from the music community

"Scott Feiner has created a unique sonic world on Pandeiro Jazz ... full of subtlety and surprise ... it's a record that you want to go back and listen to again right after hearing it." 
— Brad Mehldau

“Scott Feiner isn’t just another gringo who plays pandeiro. He’s the inventor of a mixed language that’s completely his own. I loved playing with him!”
— Joyce

"Scott Feiner is a soulful magnet for the fusion of Brazilian and jazz music..."
— Kurt Rosenwinkel

“Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz is one of the most unique and soulful groups I’ve heard in a long time. Every ten years or so something special happens in the music that changes your whole idea of originality, and here it is … Pandeiro Jazz. Get ready to be uplifted!” 
— Sammy Figueroa

“[On A View From Below] I believe that Scott Feiner found the ideal landscape to express his compositions with Guilherme Monteiro and Rafael Vernet. I admire the natural flow of the music, the compositions, the different textures, and the superb musicianship of the group."
— Duduka Da Fonseca

"It makes me happy to see an American musician playing jazz on the Brazilian pandeiro as well as Scott does. It opens new frontiers." 
— Marcos Suzano

"Pandeiro Jazz is great! A cool idea, and the band's communication is wonderful." 
— Luciana Souza

“I never realized the pandeiro could play jazz like this”
— Robertinho Silva