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:: June 2012 ::

Next CD

Hello all,

I'm going to now start using this news section as more of a blog. At the moment, the main news I have to report is that I have 9 original tunes which I'm dying to record. Most of them were actually written back in 2010 and now that I have enough for a full CD I'm really looking forward to recording my first CD of ONLY original music. I'm really happy with this music and think it's going to make a very nice recording.

My plan is to do it trio, with a format I've been experimenting with over the last couple of years - pandeiro / guitar / keyboards. More of an electric sound than my first 3 CDs.

At this point I need to lock down the musicians and where it's going to be recorded. And of course, the finances are always an issue. My plan at the moment is to attempt a Crowdsourcing campaign.

Stay tuned!

Festival in Espírito Santo, Brazil

Hello all,

Earlier this month I performed at the I Festival Internacional de Jazz & Blues em Santa Teresa (located in the mountains of Espírito Santo, Brazil). My group closed the outdoor festival on a sunny Sunday afternoon, to roughly 2,000 people or so.

What a wonderful response! The people were so into it. 50 CDs were sold in a blink of an eye after the show. Just one of those "yeah!" moments.

Time to change to another blog tool so I can add photos to these posts.

Until the next time ....