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:: March 2007 ::

Pandeiro Workshops in NYC, Brooklyn, NY & Washington D.C. in April

Scott Feiner will be offering pandeiro workshops in NYC (April 4), Brooklyn, NY (April 5) and Washington, D.C. (April 9).

The workshops are open to all levels and will focus on modern pandeiro techniques and building (and/or refining) a strong foundation. Traditional Brazilian rhythms such as samba, baião & maracatu will be covered as well as other types of rhythms such as 6/8, shuffle and backbeats.

For those already familiar with the pandeiro this will be an opportunity to re-visit your playing approach and for those getting started, a great chance to get started with a clear concept.

All workshops will be 2 hours long and $25. For locations, times and directions please visit the schedule page

Apr 02 - Pandeiro Jazz at The Jazz Standard in NYC

Scott Feiner's Pandeiro Jazz - featuring Joel Frahm (saxophones); Freddie Bryant (guitars); Joel Martin (bass).

Monday, April 2nd

The Jazz Standard
116 East 27th Street, NY, NY
Tel. 212-576-2232

Two sets at 7:30 and 9:30pm
$15 Cover

Mar 30 - 31 Scott at Sweet Rhythm in NYC with Freddie Bryant's "Kaleidescope"

From the Sweet Rhythm website:
Kaleidoscope is a group and concept Freddie Bryant has been working on for the last 10 years. He blends jazz with various world rhythms inspired by the percussionist, Gilad and various drummers but on this gig, instead of drums, he is joined by a pandeiro player, Scott Feiner-an American living in Rio. Pandeiro is a Brazilian tambourine used in traditional music but here it will be a part of an international kaleidoscope. Freddie and Kaleidoscope have recorded 3 CDs, "Brazilian Rosewood," "Boogaloo Brasileiro," and "Live at Smoke."

Freddie Bryant-acoustic and 12-string guitars
Joel Frahm-sax
Joe Martin-bass
Scott Feiner-pandeiro