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:: September 2006 ::

Sept 23 & 30 - Scott at Clube dos Democraticos with Orquestra Republicana in Lapa (Rio de Janeiro)

I will be playing with the 11 piece Orquestra Rupublicana at the Clube dos Democraticos in Lapa (Rio de Janeiro). I will be alternating on the gig with Pedro Miranda, while our friend Sergio Krakowski is in Europe. The gig is very fun if you're looking for a night of dancing! The repetoire is classic samba & choro, all with a "gafieira" touch to it.

A bit about the group (in português) ...

O time de músicos é da melhor qualidade: Eduardo Gallotti (voz e cavaquinho), Mariana Bernardes (voz e cavaquinho) e Pedro Holanda (voz e violão); Samuel DeOiveira (sax) e Scott Feiner (pandeiro), Alfredo Del Penho (voz e violão), João Hermeto (bateria e percussão), Joana Queiroz (clarineta e sax), Fernando Jovem (trombone), Marcelo Bernardes (sax, flauta e arranjos) e Miro do Surdo (surdo).

Clube dos Democraticos
R/ Riachuelo 91 - Lapa, RJ

Radio interview with Scott in Brazil - broadcast worldwide via Internet

** This inteview is now on on the Radio page in the In the Media section of the site **

I recorded a radio interview earlier today that will be aired tonight - both in Brasil and around the world, thanks to the Internet. If you can't tune in tonight, it will also be re-aired on Sunday. It's a one-hour talk interview with 5 or 6 songs from my CD Pandeiro Jazz inserted at various points.

For those of you outside of Brasil, the site is: (Choose "AM Real Player" ou "AM Windows Media").

It will air tonight (Tuesday, Sept. 5th) at 11pm Brazilian time and again on Sunday, Sept. 10th at 7pm. To check what the time will be in your area, visit:

For those of you in Brazil:

Program "CD & CIA" with Eduardo Fajardo
Tuesday, Sept 5th, at 23h
Repeat: Sunday, Sept 10th, at 19h (ONE HOUR BEFORE MY SHOW AT ESPAÇO BIS)